EMI Auto Parts have been consistently supplying Teknorot Suspension Components for more than a decade and have full confidence in this brand. TEKNOROT is the largest manufacturer for steering and suspension parts of passenger and light commerc

Dolz DOLZ produces and distributes water pumps for automobiles and industrial vehicles to be sold on the open spare-part market, following the most demanding quality standards and, above all, conforming strictly to all original specifications.

Lubrication and Filtration is the most important part of your vehicle.  If your vehicles engine ain't doing it optimally, chances are you looking towards costly repairs.  We stock the best aftermarket brands of filters and lubricants fr

From spark plugs and starters to alternators and relays, we have it all.  Todays vehicles are basically computers on wheels, so electronics plays a big deal.  We have products that meet stringent European quality standards.  Our produc

We carry a variety of aftermarket body parts and accessories for your vehicle.  Please call our sales people to enquire about your requirements and we will try and sort you out.